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 2008 - Zimmer483/1000 Hotel Tour

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2008 - Zimmer483/1000 Hotel Tour Empty
PostSubject: 2008 - Zimmer483/1000 Hotel Tour   2008 - Zimmer483/1000 Hotel Tour Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 6:49 pm

Did you go to a concert of the Zimmer/1000 Hotels Tour ? Or several ?
Did you follow a part of the tour or the entire tour ??

You may have a lot to let me about your experience and I can't wait to read all you review from the concert.
Tell me how much you wait for the D.Day, how you organized everything... I like to get details on foreigner country like the names of the "rail service" or that kind of typical details from a country that all the reader will learn by reading. There are diferent transport organization in each country and that's good to learn it.

Also I like to know how you live the waiting for the show. Did you camp ? Did you arrived long before the day ?
Did you see the boys arrived ? the tourbusses ? Talk to their staff, the roadies etc ;p

And of course how was the show ? the ambiance ?
Did you like it, and how did you feel after ? What did you do ? Came back home or you tried to see again the band ? or party with friends maybe ? or with fans you met there ^^

Thanks for sharing all that with me !
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2008 - Zimmer483/1000 Hotel Tour
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