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 [Greece] School - Litt. Hist. Geo

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PostSubject: [Greece] School - Litt. Hist. Geo   Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:34 am

In this topic, I would like you to talk about the school in your country, in order that my characters sound real if I write some part at school or if I talk about homework. And that's interesting to know what we learn in other countries.

1. First, I would like to know in which grad we are at which age ? And how you call the schools ? because there is different organization in the different countries.

2. I would like to know what is your program at school for Greek class or Litterature ? Maybe you can copy me the program of you Litterature book for me to see the autors that you study or the book that your teachers ask you to read. You can do that for your grad, and hopefully many fans will come from differents grads Very Happy

3. I would like to know the same for History.

4. I would like to know the same for Geography.

5. What are the languages that you can learn at school ?
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On the 1rst Floor
On the 1rst Floor

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PostSubject: Re: [Greece] School - Litt. Hist. Geo   Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:44 pm

The Greek educational system is mainly divided into three levels, namely primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary education is divided into kindergarten lasting one or two years, and primary school spanning six years (ages 6 to 12). Secondary education comprises two stages: Gymnasio (variously translated as Middle or Junior High School), a compulsory three-year school, after which students can attend Lykeio (an academically-oriented High School) or Vocational training. Higher Tertiary education is provided by Universities and Polytechnics, Technological Educational Institutes and Academies which primarily cater for the military and the clergy.
All schools, regardless of level, are overseen by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. The Ministry exercises centralised control over state schools, by prescribing the curriculum, appointing staff and controlling funding. Private schools also fall under the mandate of the Ministry, which exercises supervisory control over them.
Currently the Greek government only recognises the degree programmes offered by the state-run universities although there are several private universities and colleges offering degree programmes that are validated and overseen by American, British and other European universities. The Greek government is pressured to recognise these overseas programmes.
There are also a number of private tutors schools, colleges and universities operating alongside the state education and providing supplementary tuition. These parallel schools provide foreign language tuition, supplementary lessons for weak students as well as exam preparation courses for the competitive Panhellenic national examinations. Most of the students typically attend such classes (and examinations) at the tutors schools in the afternoon and evening in addition to their normal schooling.
Primary Education
Elementary schools are called "Dimotiká" (demotic, meaning municipal), a carryover term from a time when such schools were run by local communities. The name remains although it has been obsolete for decades. In the first two years pupils are not officially graded, and parents obtain feedback about their performance via oral communications with teachers. Grading begins in Year 3, and written exams are introduced in Year 5. Graduating from one year to the next is automatic, and pupils with deficient performance are given remedial tutoring. Years are called "classes", from first to sixth:

* Year 1 (Πρώτη δημοτικού): age 6 to 7
* Year 2 (Δευτέρα δημοτικού): age 7 to 8
* Year 3 (Τρίτη δημοτικού): age 8 to 9
* Year 4 (Τετάρτη δημοτικού): age 9 to 10
* Year 5 (Πέμπτη δημοτικού): age 10 to 11
* Year 6 (Έκτη δημοτικού): age 11 to 12
Enrollment to the next tier of compulsory education, the Gymnasium, is automatic.

Secondary Education
Gymnasium - Middle / Secondary School
* 1st grade, age 12 to 13
* 2nd grade, age 13 to 14
* 3rd grade, age 14 to 15
General Lyceum - High School
*1st grade, age 15 to 16
*2nd grade, age 16 to 17
*3rd grade, age 17 to 18

School have from Monday- Friday. starts every morning from 8:00- 13:45

I have finished the school but i wish i help you!
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[Greece] School - Litt. Hist. Geo
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