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 [Mexican] School - Litt. Hist. Geo

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[Mexican] School - Litt. Hist. Geo Empty
PostSubject: [Mexican] School - Litt. Hist. Geo   [Mexican] School - Litt. Hist. Geo Icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 2:14 pm

In this topic, I would like you to talk about the school in your country, in order that my characters sound real if I write some part at school or if I talk about homework. And that's interesting to know what we learn in other countries.

1. First, I would like to know in which grad we are at which age ? And how you call the schools ? because there is different organization in the different countries.

2. I would like to know what is your program at school for Spanish class or Litterature ? Maybe you can copy me the program of you Litterature book for me to see the autors that you study or the book that your teachers ask you to read. You can do that for your grad, and hopefully many fans will come from differents grads

3. I would like to know the same for History.

4. I would like to know the same for Geography.

5. What are the languages that you can learn at school ?
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PostSubject: Re: [Mexican] School - Litt. Hist. Geo   [Mexican] School - Litt. Hist. Geo Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 9:21 am

amm i don't know xD here in méxico School it's "escuela" xD we have to go to Kinder the little ones, then when the kids have 6 years go to Primaria (i think it's called elementary school?) , that are 6 years too, when they have 12 years they go to Secundaria 3 years (this one junior high school?), at 15 years we have to enter to Preparatoria 3 years too (high school i think xD), at 18 years we enter to University Very Happy, and the time of school there depends of what we want to study Very Happy xD

I hope this helps you Surprised...

about books, i think we don't have litterature xD or well not that i remember, we read books in junior high school but it's like free time and bring a book to read and read what you want, so if we wanted to read harry potter we can do it XDD... for spanish class it was more about see the spelling, and all that stuff to learn well our lenguaje, like accents, pronunciation, writing and like i said, it depends of the grade the kids are XD, this is most in the elementary school and junior high school.

For History we learn about the battles here in México, heroes of the fatherland, the revolutions, the independence of méxico, where were the battles, in what states...i what years, how long it lasted. And the same, depends in the grade we see History of other countries later, i think this is more in junior high school but i don't know well :/ sorry

Geography in elementary school usually is to learn all the states of méxico and the capitals, the forests, the rivers, all that stuff about our country Very Happy

And we learn english only, it's essential to learn english since we are little to the university xD... because here, the most of the jobs have that requirement.... so it's necessary.

If we want to learn another lenguage we have to go to a language school just to learn that.

XD omg this was too much x_X i hope i am good XD
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[Mexican] School - Litt. Hist. Geo
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