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 [Russia] School - Litt. Hist. Geo

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PostSubject: [Russia] School - Litt. Hist. Geo   Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:45 pm

In this topic, I would like you to talk about the school in your country, in order that my characters sound real if I write some part at school or if I talk about homework. And that's interesting to know what we learn in other countries.

1. First, I would like to know in which grad we are at which age ? And how you call the schools ? because there is different organization in the different countries.

2. I would like to know what is your program at school for Russian class or Litterature ? Maybe you can copy me the program of you Litterature book for me to see the autors that you study or the book that your teachers ask you to read. You can do that for your grad, and hopefully many fans will come from differents grads

3. I would like to know the same for History.

4. I would like to know the same for Geography.

5. What are the languages that you can learn at school ?
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On the 2nd Floor
On the 2nd Floor

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PostSubject: Re: [Russia] School - Litt. Hist. Geo   Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:56 pm

Hi Carrie,
Let me try to answer some of your questions. Though I do not think I will be of great help to you as I am out of school long time ago.

1. First, kids can go to school at the age 7 (that usual) But some might go at the age of 6 if the parents think that the child is ready for school. Children study 10 years at school. There are public schools - there children study for free, and private schools where they (or it's better to say their parents) have to pay for the education. There are different types of private schools and mostly they differ in their specialization ( I mean the major subjects, such as English, Math or etc.)

2. I can't help you with that as the program has changed and I do not know anything about the new program.

5. Well, I will move to 5. The students can study English, German and French. These are the most popular. In private schoos they can also study Latin. On rare occasions it might be Spanish but it is very rare!

Hope I was able to help you a little bit with that!

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[Russia] School - Litt. Hist. Geo
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